Plant-Based Websites on Science and Nutrition

Click on the links below to check out these Websites to learn more about the Science and Nutrition about plant-based eating.

Run by Dr. Michael Greger, a lifestyle physician who treats patients using a Whole Foods Plant Based Diet to reverse common western diseases such as constipation, Type II diabetes, heart disease. He reads hundreds of scientific publications and provides them to the public for free of charge as a tribute to his grandmother who was diagnosed with end stage heart disease at 65 but began following a Whole Foods Plant Based Diet and lived until 96.

A website for those transitioning to a plant based diet. The information contained within the website also comes from the documentary forks over knives. The website is designed to provide help to those suffering from chronic western diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. The website provides recipes, success stories and the diet itself.


A site run by Dr. John McDougall which provides information regarding the plant based diet as well as recipes, blogs, newsletters, success stories written and filmed. His website also provides videos from health experts who have found answers to questions in the field of nutrition.
A website run by Jeff Novick a registered dietitian and nutrition expert with over 30 years of experience. He practices and follows a whole foods plant-based diet and has worked for the pritikin longevity center but now works for both the McDougall health and medical center as well as True North both centers teach patients how to regain their health through a whole foods plant-based diet.
The physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine run by doctors and physicians who treat chronic diseases with lifestyle interventions has a variety of different recipes including recipes from all around the world. By typing recipes into the search engine you can find many recipes to get you started.  Also visit the physicians committee for Responsible medicine 21day vegan kickstart which provides patients and the public with 21 days of whole foods plant-based diet recipes.
All things whole food plant based diet. This website provides health advice, video presentations, health expo information, and discussion boards.

Plant-Based Recipes and Blogs

Click on the links below to find healthy plant-based recipes and blog to help make the transition to a whole-foods, plant-based diet even easier.

A blog by Cathy Fisher who currently is a chef and teacher for those interested in cooking meals without animals, salt, oil, or sugar. Ms. Fisher currently works for both the McDougall program as well a TrueNorth Health in Santa Rosa California. She created the blog for the students of the program however it is now viewed by many who want to change their lifestyle. She became lactose intolerant at a young age and began to look into how food affected health and as she learned more she began to eat more plant based, most of her cooking skills are self-taught via Television, cooking demonstrations, DVDs and websites (Fischer, 2016).
A blog run by Lindsey Nixon, who battled ovarian cancer before switching to a Whole Foods Plant Base Diet. She successfully reversed her own cancer and now continues to follow a Whole Foods Plant Based Diet.
A blog run by Brandi, who changed her cooking habits due to her husband’s gout flare-ups. After much research they found that a whole foods plant-based diet could decrease his gout flare-ups and it did just that. He is now gout free and they continue there healthy lifestyle. Each recipe contains 8 ingredients or less.
This webpage was developed based upon the premises of three books. Two written by John McDougall, “The McDougall Program”, and Maximum Weightloss Program, while the third was written by Joel Fuhrman, “Eat to Live” (Fat Free vegan recipes, 2016). The website FAQ’s explains what is allowed and what is not within the recipe on the site and explain that all meals on the website are typically under 15% Fat unless a recipe cannot be made without a small amount of fat, in this case teaspoons, instead of tablespoons of fat are used (Fat free Vegan recipes, 2016).
A blog run by Susan Voisin, runs a whole foods plant based website in which the recipes contain low fat recipes. He Journey started with not wanting to eat animals, then she decided to eliminate all animal by products from her diet and began cooking without added oils or high fat foods such as nuts. She lost over 100 pounds and continues to eat this way (Voisin, 2016).
A website run by Terri Edwards who after experiencing inflamed joints and chronic pain for many years with no improvement began searching for an answer based on better nutrition. After the pain and inflammation vanished from her swollen joints and she lost weight she began to promote the benefits of a whole foods plant based diet.


Run by Kim and Marc. Marc switched to a whole foods vegan diet and cured his type II diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, Erectile Dysfunction, heartburn and psoriasis and he knew he wanted to share this information with the world.
A fantastic website run by Emma Roche who provides individuals grocery lists, shopping guides, recipes, articles, resources among other resources.
A site run by Carol D’Anca who credits her Mediterranean type diet as her gateway to becoming a nutritionist. Her website provides free recipes, wellness excursions and real cooking demonstrations from her home. She is located in Highland park, IL. She currently works with the Gaples institute in Chicago to advance nutrition understanding of Doctors and physicians.  For those who want a little more hands on experience in the kitchen, contact Carol.

Eating Plant-Based on a Budget

Eating healthy always had the misnomer that healthful eating = expensive; but that is not always the case. Click on the link below to learn how you can still eat plant-based without breaking the bank.

Toni Okamoto runs this website designing meals plans based upon how to eat plant based meals if you are on a budget. She shares weekly menus and recipe ideas for individuals to learn how to eat healthy meals while decreasing all around cost. *A few of her recipes do contain oil, It is encourage to omit these from the recipe should you follow her meal plans. Omitting oil will also decrease the cost of each meal as well.

The Psychology of Eating Plant-Based

Understanding why we do the things we do can help us make the most impactful changes to our diets. Click the link below to learn more about the psychology of eating a healthy diet.

Run by Doug Lisle, a psychologist for true north health center and for the McDougall Program. His website provides videos about good health and eating well while managing close ties with other who may not agree with your new lifestyle change. Also look for other videos online with Dr. Doug Lisle.

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