Welcome Friends

We are so glad you can join us at kenoshaheart.org.  Craig Martin and myself are delighted to share our great efforts to outline the road to health thru food. But just a quick note on food to open the conversation.  Last time I checked we all eat mostly everyday.  Food is social and we have celebrations and memorials with specific dishes. Sometimes in our lives we eat too much and some of us eat too little. Some of us struggle with food choices and even have complicating health problems from those choices. Often we have misinformation about food and health. Food is politics . The politics of growing and distributing and selling food is very large in our society.  Corporate money interest influence how food plays a role in our health.

Our approach is to use science to inform about the important link between what we consume and our health.  In health we can enjoy the bounty of this earth in a sustainable fashion.  We can support each other our journey back to Eden.

Here’s to your Health.

Dr. Fullin