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Joel Fuhrman is a board certified family physician and nutrition expert who teaches dietary modification as a means to treat disease. Many may know of him as the man who created the “Nutritarian” diet (Fuhrman, 2016a, para. 1). His diet emphasizes the consumption of nutrient dense foods. Nutrient dense foods are those foods that contain high amounts of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients while containing the fewest calories. In fact, his nutrient density scoring system, Aggregate Nutrient Density Index, or “ANDI,” is used at Whole Foods Market (Fuhrman, 2016a, para 3).

The higher the “ANDI” score the healthier the product. In other words, these foods contain the biggest nutritional bang for your buck. But this isn’t the only Acronym Dr. Furhman uses—he has also developed the acronym, “G-BOMBS,” for individuals to remember these healthy foods which help ward off cancer and other chronic illnesses while simultaneously promoting health (Fuhrman, 2016b, para. 1). The acronym stands for: Greens (all kinds), Beans (legumes, peas, and lentils), Onions (garlic, leeks, chive, shallots, and scallions), Mushrooms (edible kinds), Berries (all kinds), and Seeds (as well as nuts) (Fuhrman, 2016b). His program emphasizes the consumption of green and other non-starchy Vegetables; fresh fruits, beans and legumes; raw nuts, seeds, and avocados; starchy vegetables; and whole grains.

His website offers different health topics of concern as well as articles, audio and video presentations, position papers on different foods, and different disease states and how they impact an individual’s overall health. The website provides recipes as well as success stories.

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Joel Fuhrman Quotes”

“Blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries are true superfoods. Naturally sweet and juicy, berries are low in sugar and high in nutrients – they are among the best foods you can eat.”

“We have these weapons of mass destruction on every corner, and they’re called donuts, cheese burgers, French fries, potato chips, junk food. Our kids are living on a junk food diet.”

“Food is really and truly the most effective medicine.”

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