One day Craig Martin called me on the phone. He had never met me. He was interested in doing an internship with me as part of his masters degree. He had been following a whole food plant based diet for some time and along his journey he remembered seeing a web version of a Kenosha News article. It was about a cardiologist in Kenosha who followed and recommended to his patients to follow a whole food plant based diet.

I took the call and we chatted briefly.  It only took me ten minutes to know he would be a talented ally. We chatted again another time and he mentioned if he could intern with me he could camp for the summer in a tent.  I said Craig I have a spare room why don’t you stay we me. Shortly after that he moved into my house with 50 pounds of sweet potatoes and 50 pounds of oatmeal. It was at that time I realized we were going to get a long.  So began long days of Craig researching and writing followed by long nights of both of us discussing the common illnesses today, coronary disease, diabetes, cancer, metabolic syndrome and the role the diet play in causing and reversing these illness.

We discussed the heroes and pioneers of plant based medicine that influenced us and so many others. Here we have documented their work and collaboratively now share this with you.  We challenged each other to word and rewrite better hand outs and teaching material for my patients. We worked to present information that answered the what, why, how, and when of plant based eating.  We have chosen to make the website as simple as what is a calorie or how to read a label and make a grocery list. The website also includes detailed scientific links to the basis of statements we made.  Frankly it was designed for physicians and medical providers at every level to reexamine what they have been taught as this well be necessary to reverse the rampant scourge diet related illness in the world today.

I am thankful to Craig for the intellectual rigors he brought to our challenge and his audacious courage to stand with me in the simplest truth that food is the most powerful change we can make to prevent and reverse diseases today.  I am also thankful to Chelsea Dowling, our Web Designer, whose talent brought alive what with out her may have been a slower read then Tolstoy’s War and Peace. Epic but no videos or pictures.  All three of us are in gratitude to each other, but larger than that, this website we hope will stands in its truth, as a give away to anyone who has a body and is trying to find their way to health.


Kevin J Fullin M.D. 

Kevin is  an Interventional cardiologist at Froedertsouth in Kenosha Wisconsin since 1987. Prior to that he received his Medical Degree from The Ohio State  University. He completed his Internal Medicine training at the University of Toledo. He completed his cardiology fellowship at the University of Cincinnati. He completed his Electrophysiology  Fellowship at The Ohio State University .

Dr. Fullin follows a Whole Food Plant Based Diet for himself since the year 2012 and as well advocates this for his patients. He has given well over 100 community talks on the subject. He is a home gardener and grows give away quantities of tomatoes, greens, squash , chilies, potatoes, sweet potatoes, eggplant, celery, cabbage asparagus   rutabagas, corn, peas, garlic  apples, pears, raspberries, rhubarb , strawberries, grapes to name  a few. All non GMO, organically grown. He is as well a compost extraordinaire.

Dr Fullin is an accomplished Plant Based Chef including Sourdough breads, pastas and pizza all without eggs and dairy.

He is well known citizen of Kenosha for is activism in establishing the  Kenosha County paramedic programs, Hospital based Advocacy for survivors of Domestic Violence, a Batters treatment programs, and advocating medical care access at the federally funded Kenosha Community Health Center.

 craig headshot
Craig Martin

Masters of Science in Community Health Education (MS-CHE)

Craig Martin received his Bachelor’s Degree in Dietetics from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point. He went on to produce pharmaceutical grade lactose for pharmaceutical companies, and then decided to venture into canning industry where he began working as an intern within the Quality Control and Quality assurance Intern department of Del Monte foods. His time and experience with Del Monte made him pursue other career challenges and other positions within the food industry. Craig began working for the processed products branch of the United States Department of Agriculture. After his career with the United States Department of Agriculture he applied and accepted a position as a quality assurance manager of a cheese factory.

His time at the cheese factory forever change his perception of cheese and dairy as health promoting and as a good source of calcium. His time in the dairy industry made him rethink his career, his values, his morals, and his ethics. This brought about a drastic change in his dietary patterns. Craig is currently a graduate candidate at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse in the Community Health Education program.

Adopting a whole foods plant based diet in 2011, while still working within the cheese industry, Craig began entertaining the thought of going back to school. Finally realizing he could no longer be a part of an industry whose work causes harm he made the decision to go back to school. During his schooling he needed to complete a 400 hour preceptorship with a health professional within the community. Craig had recalled, years earlier, seeing a news article on a physician, Dr. Fullin, who was teaching plant-based nutrition and immediately searched for an opportunity to help. He chose Dr. Fullin because of his compassion to help others and because of his link-minded interests in the promotion of a whole foods plant-based diet.

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